Bisazza today offers a wide range of luxury décor and furnishings suitable for any living and outdoor area - the expression of a unique style that brings a contemporary flair to the classic by combining elements of fashion and design.

Bisazza is one of the top luxury brands in the design sector and a world leader in the production of glass mosaic for interior and exterior decoration.


The mosaic decorations are the result of the company's multi-year collaboration with internationally renowned designers: from geometric patterns to floral motifs, from classic to pop inspired designs.



For an evaluation of the best technique for reproducing a drawing or a photographic subject in mosaic, the Bisazza Design Studio is available for a free consultation. In addition to the technique that involves the use of whole mosaic tiles, Bisazza creates mosaics with hand-cut tiles in smaller sizes and arranged following the pattern of the design, according to an irregular texture.


The Bisazza Foundation is a private non-profit cultural institution founded in 2012, based in Montecchio Maggiore, in the province of Vicenza. In addition to the permanent collection - which brings together numerous installations by internationally renowned designers and architects and a section dedicated to architectural photography - the Foundation periodically hosts temporary exhibitions dedicated to design, architecture and photography.

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