Presented at the Milano Design Week 2023, COLLEZIONE VINCENT DARRÉ is a new series of decorations in mosaic born from its first collaboration with French designer and artist, Vincent Darré.

Known for his unmistakable style, extravagant, sophisticated, and rich in cultural references and refined irony, Vincent Darré approaches mosaic art for the first time, creating for Bisazza four decorations in glass mosaic - CaryatidesCalliopeErato and Thalia – featuring a series of mythological subjects inspired by recurring themes in his imaginative and eclectic universe: Neoclassicism and Surrealism.

“Bisazza is a brand that has long made me dream. My thoughts turned to the extraordinary mosaics of Pompeii, a mythical city for me, so I imagined creating a neoclassical décor inspired by Jean Cocteau, my pictorial icon, for his caryatids, guardians of a secret temple.
Each symbolises a passage of life: the Deer, divine essence of the sacred; the Unicorn, the impetuosity of desire; and the Lyre, symbol of cosmic harmony.
The muses are a poetic representation of my inspirations. Calliope: my relationship with white paper and watercolor, the starting point for all my projects. Thalia: a chess game, my struggle to realise childhood dreams through work. Erato, the lyre, is one of my obsessions; an allegory of theatrical performance that is a common thread through all my creations."

Vincent Darré