Sunoo Temple House – Mumbai

design Saket Sethi

Sunoo Temple House – Mumbai§design Saket Sethi
One million and three hundred thousand mosaic tiles embellish the surface of the private temple of the Sunoo Temple House, a residential project located near Mumbai designed by International architect Saket Sethi, of Saket Sethi Design & Archilogics Design. 

A house with a green soul and innovative design, featuring a garden as a roof that becomes an integral part of the surrounding natural landscape. A unique environment where a private temple stands out, spreading a mystical and evocative atmosphere. 

The temple, located adjacent to the house, is oval in shape with a spiral structure inside. Externally, it is entirely covered with Bisazza mosaic tiles from the ORO, Opera, Le Gemme collections, with motifs inspired by the galaxy. 

With its one-of-a-kind features, the temple is one of the elements that most characterizes the entire project, becoming part of the natural landscape.