Fillgel Plus

Fillgel Plus

High performance epoxy grout for Bisazza Glass Mosaics, washable with water.

Fillgel Plus is a half-transparent bi-compound epoxy paste, made up of epoxy resins, silica compounds and special additives. It has a high wear resistance, it's easy to apply and to clean with UV resistance.

Once dry and hardened, FILLGEL PLUS UVR has the following characteristics:

  • smooth and compact final surface
  • uniform and resistant colours
  • improved resistance to yellowing due to UV rays
  • resistance to water
  • high-hardness and resistant to high traffic
  • free from any cracks and leaks
  • excellent adherence to the mosaic tesserae

The accurate qualitative and granulometry selection of the compounds, allows one to obtain a surface with a particularly shiny and reflective finish.

One pack contains 3Kg.


  • to grout Bisazza mosaics on walls and floors
  • suitable for interior and exterior applications
  • suitable for wet and permanent wet areas
  • particularly suitable for thermal or salted water pools and in areas where a total hygiene is required

The grout color will affect the final aesthetic appearance of the product installed.

Over time, clearer colors tend to turn yellow, when used outside.


  • 20x20 mm: 1,45 Kg/sqm

  • 10x10 mm: 1,45 Kg/sqm

  • VARIATIONS: 1 Kg/sqm

  • OPERA 15: 2,3 Kg/sqm

  • OPERA 25: 1,6 Kg/sqm

  • 5X5: 1 Kg/sqm

  • OPUS ROMANO 12: 1,2 Kg/sqm

  • VINTAGE: 1 Kg/sqm

Product number: BNA_0901FGUVR1104