Price per m - VAT Incl.
This item is sold by meter and can be adapted to any surface; colors can be customized. The Bisazza Design Studio is available for a free consultation. To find out more, click on “Request information”.
Product number: 06004564SL
Tile Size 12x12 mm mm
Recommended grout
Fillgel plus 2201 nero ebano
Intended use
Indoor floor
floor coverings that are subject to severe pedestrian traffic
Outdoor floor
suitable 1
Swimmingpool and SPA
suitable 1
Indoor wall
suitable 2
Outdoor wall
suitable 1
suitable 2
1 for exteriors, swimming pools and humid areas (Turkish bath) use Epoxy Pool Installation System (epoxy adhesive eGlue, epoxy grout Pool eGrout) 2 Bisazza reccomends using Epoxy Installation Kit (epoxy adhesive eGlue, epoxy grout Fillgel Plus)
Technical informations
Tile Size
12x12 mm
4mm – 5/32”
Sheet size
293x293 mm
Tesserae per sheet
~0,7mm – ~1/4”