Collante Ad Hoc (2,7 Kg)

Collante Ad Hoc (2,7 Kg)

High performance white cement-based compound, for use with Bisazza glass mosaic on walls and floors.

Ad Hoc has the following characteristics:

  • no vertical slippage
  • pure white colour which does not alter the original tonality of Bisazza glass tiles
  • creamy and easily workable paste
  • open time and correction times ideal for laying mosaics

Ad Hoc uses nano-technology, classified C2TES1, with high flexibility facilitating the work of the installer.


AdHoc mixed with water is suitable for heated floors, cement substrates, dry or concrete substrates, even if porous.

In outdoor applications, pools and wet areas (except for those Countries which are complying with specific rules or protocols for these applications), it is recommended to replace water with Bisazza latex ULTRA to the Ad Hoc adhesive.

Compatible substrates

  • cementitious substrates (reinforced concrete, smooth renders or screeds)
  • plasterboard previously treated with a primer
  • compatible waterproofing
  • cladding on existing surfaces in ceramic tiles or mosaic

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