Installation Kit UVR - 1104 neutro base

Installation Kit UVR - 1104 neutro base

Every Installation Kit contains one bag of AD HOC adhesive weighing 2.7Kg and one bucket of grout FILLGEL PLUS UVR weighing 3Kg. These quantities are needed for the installation of about 2 sqm of 20x20 or 10x10 mosaic.

Ad Hoc (2,7 kg)

High performance white cement-based compound, for use with Bisazza glass mosaic on walls and floors.

Fillgel Plus UVR (3 kg)

High performance epoxy grout for Bisazza Glass Mosaics, washable with water.

Over time, clearer colors tend to turn yellow, when used outside.

Fillgel 1104 neutro base cannot be used outdoors and in outdoor swimming-pools.

Price per pc - VAT Incl.
Product number: 903000283