Lattice Ultra (9,5 Kg)

Lattice Ultra (9,5 Kg)

Latex modified polymer to be mixed exclusively with Bisazza Ad Hoc adhesive to improve product characteristics.

Mixed with ULTRA, Ad Hoc has the following characteristics:

  • creamy and easily workable paste
  • once hardened the paste is workable and flexible
  • no vertical slippage and extended open time

The product binder corresponds to 21% in ratio with water.

The adhesive obtained, by mixing ULTRA and Ad Hoc, is classified C2TSE (according to EN 12004).


ULTRA allows the application of Bisazza mosaics on interior and exterior substrates subject to thermal changes, being resistant to frost and bad weather.

Mixed with Ad Hoc, ULTRA improves the adhesion on mineral absorbing or non-mineral absorbing substrates, and can be used on heated floors, balconies, terraces, prefabricated concrete, external façades and swimming pools*.

* except for those Countries which are complying with specific rules or protocols for these applications.

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Product number: 0901000009